Meet new friends
Uni allows the kids to spend time with her, but is never interested in what is happening.
Kitty wants to sit at home, bake and read. She knows too much and would tell everyone too - but she’s shy.
Pearl always wants to know what will happen beforehand. She is deliberate and runs into trouble overcomplicating and overthinking her actions.
Bear is quiet and strong. Not afraid of a fight, but never loud. Bear is gentle and protective of the kids, but sometimes unaware of his strength.
Moses always wants to do what is right. He often gets into trouble because he is too stubborn and he jumps to conclusions too early
Dragon just wants to be part of the fun. He is forgetful but positive.
Pudge is a pleaser, quiet and gentle. He gets into trouble when he doesn’t speak up for himself even when he knows what is right.
She is a wild spirit, kind and friendly. Elsie will get into trouble because she is innocent and too trusting. She does not see danger even when her friends warn her.
John is the artist who makes these drawings. He's married to Kelly and they have 3 kids, Solomon, Tate and Anemone. The kids have loved coloring these drawings for years, and John hopes that kids everywhere will have as much fun coloring their own. 

He would love to see your coloring on Instagram.